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Security Properties Closes its Sixth Co-GP Multifamily Real Estate Fund


Security Properties completed its final Capital Call for Security Properties Multifamily Fund VI (“Fund VI”), a $200 million moderately leveraged, geographically diversified private equity real estate fund that invested primarily in institutional joint ventures as the General Partner. The structure of these investments afforded Fund VI members an opportunity to participate in shared potential promoted interests in various joint ventures with institutional partners. 
Fund VI invested in existing apartment communities in 11 MSAs, from the Nashville and Austin Metros to the West Coast. In total, Fund VI made 28 multifamily investments. Twenty-six of these (80% of Fund VI’s committed equity) are co-GP investments, where Fund VI Members participate as LP’s of the General Partner, an affiliate of Security Properties, and have an opportunity to participate in the General Partner’s share of any promoted returns. Two other Fund VI investments (20% of Fund VI’s committed equity) are directly owned by Fund VI, without an institutional partner. 
In total, Fund VI combined its $200 million of committed equity (10%, or $20M, of which, was co-investment from the firm and its employees) into joint ventures with 13 different institutional partners. These institutional partners contributed an aggregate of $780 million of equity, and, together, Fund VI and these institutional partners collectively acquired $2.1B of multifamily real estate, comprised of 6,400+ units.  Total leverage on the fund was approximately 60% loan to cost. 
Security Properties initially targeted a $150 million raise for Fund VI, expandable to a maximum of $200M. Fundraising commenced in Summer of 2021. Although the fundraise was initially projected to take over two years, Fund VI raised the maximum of $200 million in six months. 
Fund VI was the sixth in a series of increasingly larger funds that have sought to team accredited investor and smaller institutional capital with Security Properties’ roster of 30 institutional partners in one-off acquisitions. These institutional partners have utilized Security Properties’ nearly 700-person operating and property management platform to allocate capital into over 130 existing, cash-flowing market-rate multifamily properties since 2010.
Ed McGovern, Managing Director of Capital Markets, added “Security Properties has had a long history of working with private individuals to invest in multifamily real estate going back to its founding in 1969. We strive to be communicative, responsive and transparent. We structure our investments so that interests are aligned for all participants and offer the ability for our investors to participate in a large portfolio of institutional apartment real estate.” 
About Security Properties
Security Properties is a national real estate investment, development, and operating company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For more than 50 years, Security Properties has provided quality housing to its residents as well as excellent financial performance for its investors. Since its founding, Security Properties has acquired or developed over 83,000 residential units at a cost of over $7 billion. Security Properties maintains a focused multi-family strategy supported by integrated teams of professional acquisition, development, construction, investment, and property management specialists. For more information, visit
About Security Properties Residential
Security Properties Residential is the affiliated property management firm of Security Properties, created to increase the value of its real estate holdings by more closely managing its assets.  Operating throughout the Western U.S., Security Properties Residential is committed to delivering exceptional service to its apartment communities and residents. Services include property, construction and compliance management services that create positive living environments for residents and build value for clients.