Janus Apartments
by Troy Gua

The work deals with ironic duality. Iconography and satirical juxtapositions by layering thoughtfully paired cultural
icons with one another, these visually arresting pieces challenge the viewer to decipher the image while making
the sardonic metaphorical and sometimes philosophical connections within the images.

by Mary Coss


My art practice considers and frames our cultural landscape through metaphors that explore the human condition. I present the familiar in unfamiliar ways, using artifacts and cultural remnants to place the imagery of our lives into a new context. My narrative based installations explore shared and personal mythologies. These familiar abstracted subjects touch a deep internal chord that connects us.

JANUS is the Roman God of beginnings and passages. I reversed the name and ironically discovered SUNAJ means portal. My installation with projection and neon is created on this notion of portal. The concepts inspire the words written in wire and neon. The magical figure pencils the text, creating a dispersing portal of language, where the shadows encompass the physical nature of the metal work. Projected images of clouds further this ethereal saga.

by Miguel Edwards

I have been living in the Ballard / Greenwood area for the better part of 10 years. During this time most of my
business has taken place in the area, and over the last few years I have had several exhibitions in local galleries
as part of the Greenwood Art Walk. The first Perseus sculpture, “Perseus I”, was launched at the CoCA Heaven
and Earth Exhibition at Carkeek Park in 2010. “Perseus I” was a strong sculpture that was extremely popular at
Carkeek Park. “Perseus I” piece was 22’ tall and was originally installed near the playground with a sweeping
view of Puget Sound.

“Perseus I” was a monumental scaled interactive, kinetic sculpture with solar powered LED’s. Since the moment
I watched the first sunset behind it overlooking the Puget Sound I knew one day I would find the right place to
explore and refine this vision, as well as bring it to a grander scale. I am excited to create “Perseus II” for a
permanent public installation in the Greenwood neighborhood, and looking forward to the chance to once again
share this vision with the community.

It is a perfect dovetail that First Avenue NW is a green street. What better place for an inspiring monumental,
kinetic, interactive, solar powered sculpture to anchor it where it intersects the arterial of 85th. The piece
itself draws on references of mythology and duality: exploring man's relationship with things beyond his
physical grasp. The original was so popular and interactive that 5 years later you can still see the grooves in
the lawn where it was installed from people walking around and interacting with it. It is this type of engaged
experience that I strive to add and elevate Public Art in my neighborhood. I am thrilled to have the chance to
bring permanent interactive art to my neighborhood as well as to develop and refine the vision that began to
take shape with “Perseus I”.

by Seam Worsech

Inspired by the project's name Janus after the God of passage, sandblasted steel plates placed within the floor highlight passageways with thought-provoking phrases. Thresholds is a particularly exciting aspect of the building's integrated art, allowing greater understanding of one's transition through an inhabitance of their environment.


by Jonathan Clarren
A native Seattlelite, Jonathan Clarren works with a wide range of materials and processes. He has been practicing
large scale site specific sculpture, painting, and glass design for nearly 20 years. He collaborates with artisans and
technical professionals in diverse industries to create unique and individualized works. At Janus, his art is featured
as abstract faces from perforated panels incorporated into the building.